The Nutcracker

We had so much fun last year that, this year, we decided to make a sequel.
Sketches for the Nutective


Last December, we decided to try our hand at 360 degree video for the first time.

The end results was a short film for the holidays called “The Nut Factory”. Combining illustration and 3D animation, we take the viewer on a 360 degree tour through a food factory.

The product? Chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

The employees? All manner of woodland creatures.

Why? Seemed like a fun project to work on!

You can watch The Nut Factory here.

Use your mouse to navigate the camera, or watch with the YouTube app on your smartphone. Also compatible with Google Cardboard. 🙂

Why a nut factory?

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts are kind of a holiday tradition at Superlux. We send them every year to clients and colleagues. The 360 degree video was meant to be a story explaining how he nuts came to be (which is way more interesting than the real-life version of events).

When we embarked on wrapping the nuts this year, we switched things up again.

First, we adopted a new package design based on a tube instead of a box.

Secondly, we decided to revive the Nutcracker theme from last year’s project.

Go go ga gaa!

The nutcracker baby

The End Result

The wrapping paper inside the shipping tube servers a double-purpose with a poster design on the back, featuring the same mechanized Nutcracker from last year’s video.

Why is it the Nutcracker XXV? Because 2018 will count as 25 years in business!

Also accompanying the poster is an online anthology of nutcracker-themed shorts by the designers at Superlux.

Happy holidays from your friends at Superlux!

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