Online video marketing through the Benz TV website

Benz TV is more than just video marketing — it's a custom channel that we oversaw from concept to delivery.
The host, Martine, in front of Benz Research & Development
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The Problem

Benz Research & Development (Benz R&D), is an internationally recognized manufacturer whose insight and dedication to pure science have guided them to create the purest and most naturally performing IOL monomers on earth. For over a decade, Benz R&D has been engaging with eye surgeons directly at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS). This year, Benz wanted to reach beyond ESCRS and communicate with doctors year round through online video marketing.

The Solution

We built — a custom video channel for Benz R&D, where eye surgeons around the world can learn the Benz innovation story through the series of videos we created. This builds brand awareness and loyalty among eye surgeons. We designed the website to be simple and easy to navigate, moreover, the videos are fun, expressive and informative. The site is a better vehicle for telling the Benz R&D brand story than with a single video.

Pat Benz
The headquarters of Benz R&D in Sarasota, FL

Now that we have BenzTV, our customers are looking at us in a whole new way.  They perceive us as bigger, more cutting-edge, and as a technological leader in the industry.

Pat Benz, Phd.


The channel is a hit with Benz clients and the doctors they serve. Branded like a TV channel, BenzTV generates an expectation for future episodes. Eye surgeons know that Benz make the best materials on earth. So with they can stay current with the latest innovations in material quality, performance and automated IOL manufacturing. BenzTV produced the additional effect of making Benz customers (IOL manufacturers, not just the doctors who are the end users) regard the brand as bigger and more globally significant than ever before.

Other work we have done for Benz R&D:

Shooting future episodes of Benz TV in Barcelona, Spain

Shooting future episodes of Benz TV in Barcelona, Spain