Top 5 things we learned at 40th annual ATLFF

By superluxury

In Anything and Everything


Atlanta has a pretty healthy Indie scene.


Getting to work in the film industry is all about luck, But top filmmakers say they've made their own.


An all-access pass doesn't guarantee you access. *Producer is the highest level & even still it's all about when you get there. So Arrive early.


Cinematography begins with the lens, and there isn't a real difference between the title
cinematographer and Director of Photography
except for the clout…


Speak up on set and in post, no matter what your rank is. If you're afraid to point out a mistake you're hurting the media you're creating.



Apparently, the only thing Atlanta truly lacks (compared to other Film hubs) is a bulk beauty supply store for the booming industry. Can someone get on that? Guardians of the Galaxy was waiting to get properly glammed -up.

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