IBM Juniper

By Mark Falls

In Case Studies

Hadjo Media empowers us to connect networking to nature in this IBM-Juniper Alliance.

It's Time for a Smarter Network

Hadjo teamed up with us to create Mutualism On a Global Scale, a two-minute brand film. The goal was to showcase IBM-Juniper’s innovative state-of-the-art networking solutions. We were tasked with crafting a message that was colorful, dynamic, and germane to a diverse audience; we were in our element.

The IBM-Juniper Alliance is a crew of thinkers, engineers and global problem-solvers dedicated to building a Smarter Network. The more we thought about networking, the more we saw a relationship to the natural world. Think about the connections a spider makes from spinneret to spinneret in order to create a web. Thus, taking our cues from the organic environment, we told a story about nature and it’s connection to technology. We used images of the natural environment to create an organic backdrop, and juxtaposed it with a business environment; both images are symbiotic of the IBM-Juniper mission.


IBM’s teams were the primary target audience for their message. So the message had to be crafted in a way that was relevant to a wide audience, because IBM’s teams are dynamically structured, with diverse missions, fluid personnel and a decentralized hierarchy.

We did a lot of conceptual groundwork, and the one theme that stood out was the way networking mirrors natural ecosystems. We found a great quote from molecular biologist Lynn Margulis, which set the tone: “Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking.” Once we came up with the central framework and the idea of pairing environmental footage with diagrammatic animation, we made a conscience effort to avoid buzz words in the messaging and steer the text towards more ‘natural’ language.

Together, Let's Build a Smarter Planet

We created the graphic representations of network architecture using a combination of 3D and 2D with plug-ins, and choreographed the text to unfolded in an organic blend of footage and animation.

Hadjo principal and director, Rob Rogers, and producer, Steve Brooks, were very supportive of taking a strong conceptual approach and leading with visuals and animation, and gave a lot of latitude throughout the creative process.

The 3D approach allowed our designers to finesse lighting and color to play though the graphics to evoke an refined feeling using a distinctively vibrant magenta-violet palette (our personal favorite).

Our Art Director, Eric Carros, and Designer, Stephen Delorme, edited the footage, which allowed us to follow our distinct creative vision by combining live-action footage to 3D compositing.

This IBM-Juniper branding package gave us an opportunity to marry technology to nature—a truly modern and  humanist approach. We were inspired by the process of interpreting a global client’s messaging, and we were excited to both propose and execute a concise expression of that message in this film.