What is ‘Digital Signage’ and Why Does Your Business Need It?

By Sarah Woods

In How to Make it Better

Digital signage is compelling, effective and smart. At Superlux, we get to make dynamic signage for companies all the time–so brands take note on how to do it right.Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 5.19.58 PMThe majority of people who have seen digital signage in the last month recall the content. In fact, a study by Arbitron found that not only do consumers remember digital signage, but they also find it attractive and helpful….So digital signage is an ad that doesn’t bother the viewer? Mega score. At this point you might ask yourself, ‘what exactly is digital signage?’Imagine any digital surface in the real world: a billboard, an info screen, a lobby wall, a divider or curtain–even an entire building.Digital signage can brighten up and inform an office or create changing moods in a store or restaurant. This kind of dynamic signage can deliver wayfinding, location-specific advertising and offers or exist as aesthetic ambiance; Essentially digital signage is the future.Not only does it look cool, dynamic signage works. With automated signage, branding can permeate. Or shout.  Digital signage can be changed at low cost (especially compared to printed signage), and people prefer its responsiveness over interaction with a static message.This time next year video will be the leading source of content. Appropriately, dynamic signage will allow brands to capitalize on this inclination. If it’s the most appealing, memorable and innovative way to engage the public there isn’t an obvious down side to digital signage (unless it’s done badly, but we don’t let that happen).Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.24.30 PMOur process is straightforward:The crew at Superlux have made digital signage for ATT&T, Benz R&D, IBM and skinning for numerous brands. We identify the environment and audience, recommend effective hardware and software solutions, optimize messaging for unique properties of digital signage, interpret brand standards for this specific medium, then create digital work that is alluring to the viewer and deliver the dynamic content.A few examples of where digital signage can go:Hospitals, schools, restaurants, shops, tech companies, studios, art galleries–digital signage is useful virtually anywhere.Coke digital signage SuperluxDigital signage is the future of marketing and advertising. Now don’t go imagining a dystopian future with millions of screens and very few people (unless that’s the feel your brand is going for)…Instead, imagine walls attracting customers/co-workers/students to buy/unite/learn. Digital signage connects to the human experience like traditional advertising, only more so. The world is in motion, so too must the signage be.