IBM Redbooks Engineer

IBM’s perennial business combines with modern technology to pave the way for an enlightened future.

The Problem

Redbooks are technical how-to guides that are now available through their website, social media, and even mobile apps. Their team needed a brand video that would help inform users about Redbooks accessibility. Redbooks wanted a video that was memorable and had an element of humor. So our team brainstormed a collection of ideas.

The Solution

We created a video that shows how human wonder has propelled the evolution of knowledge sharing. The Superlux team conceived numerous ideas for this original Redbooks project. Our Founder and Creative Director, Mark Falls, suggested that the history of human communication was a good jumping off point for this video. Ultimately, our goal was to leave the viewer feeling as though IBM has been there, and will be there, for mankind every step of the way.

It was a good project because our job was to come up with a wide variety of concepts.

Superlux Design Director, Eric Carros

The Results

The Redbooks team began teasing the release of their new brand film prior to launch across social media platforms.  Since its debut, reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous mentions and likes. Redbooks are now a part of a new generation of readers who will look at IBM books and their brand in a modern light.  
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