The Nutcracker Holiday Gift

We had so much fun last year that, this year, we decided to make a sequel.

concept design animation conceptualizing

IBM Redbooks Brand Film

IBM’s perennial business combines with modern technology to pave the way for an enlightened future.

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Benz TV Custom Channel

Benz TV is more than just videos — it's a custom channel that we oversaw from concept to delivery.

Cardlytics Brand Film

Ponce City Market-based Cardlytics came to us in need of a video that could explain their unique offering in an amusing and concise manner. We conceived, designed and animated this fun…

Cardlytics needed a vehicle to express Purchase Intelligence, so we animated all the right solutions.

animation writing conceptualizing

Show Reel The Latest & Greatest

Tuck into the latest Superlux buffet! All animation, graphics & effects by Superlux. All live action conceived, directed and shot by Superlux except: Pergo spot shot by William Wages, ASC…

Q3030 Online Channel

Q3030 came to Superlux with a vision for the future of video sharing. We designed and developed the opulent media site. In this promo for Q3030 one can grasp the…

OpenStack Keynote Opening

IBM needed a way to excite the crowd with their international cloud-based data centers before a keynote presentation by Angel Diaz  and Jesse Proudman  in Tokyo. Our solution? We animated…

Live Action & Visual Effects Reel

We conceive, shoot and design deep effects integration. Check out our stylish sampling of footage. Included: clips from commercials, short films, brand films and broadcast promos.

Fat Hair TV Spots

In this commercial for Hoyu USA we show that a damsel is never in distress when she has good hair.

visual effects design editing directing director of photography

Benz Research & Development Trade-show Signage

The industry-leading purity of Benz R&D’s monomers has meant renewed clear eyesight for tens of millions of cataract patients.  Telling Benz’ high-tech story requires clarity and precision.  Here’s a montage…

editing animation directing shot writing

Miss Universe Broadcast Graphics Package

To package the world’s premiere glamourfest, TNT Latin America turned to Superlux.  Our winning idea: drape fetching models in national flags.  We also shot the flags separately, translating fluid fabric…

compositing visual effects concept design editing animation directing shot

IBM Dublin Digital Signage

IBM’s brand new sales center in Dublin, Ireland now features a bright suite of motion graphics. Superlux created this colorful digital signage that animates screens throughout the complex.

Coca-Cola’s Secret Time Machine Brand Film

To celebrate Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary, Superlux created a historical rewind of the Company’s history – starting in 2036.  Superlux scripted a 6-minute journey, envisioning and depicting future Coke innovations as…

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