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Tuck into the latest Superlux buffet! All animation, graphics & effects by Superlux. All live action conceived, directed and shot by Superlux except: Pergo spot shot by William Wages, ASC for Craig Miller Productions.  Nerf spot shot by Spyplane and directed by Troy Gross.  RMHC PSA shot by Jordan McMonagle for Craig Miller Productions from a Superlux concept, script and storyboards.

IBM Juniper

IBM Juniper

Molecular biologist Lynn Margulis said, “Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking.” Taking cues from inter-species cooperation, we used images of nature to underscore both the evolution of computer networks and the symbiotic relationship between two technology giants, crafting a seamless message from a mash-up of animation and compositing techniques.

AT&T Storefronts

AT&T Storefronts

To realize a living, environmental “skin” for AT&T stores that will entice passersby to step inside and check out the latest offerings, Superlux combined images from the AT&T brand library with original 2D and 3D animation to create a series of targeted vignettes that play in a continuous loop.  The vignettes were delivered in a range of custom aspects, framings and formats, to accommodate both window-mounted flat screens and external projectors.

Nerf Sports

Nerf Sports

Superlux teamed with Trick 3D and Spyplane to create animated titles and effects for this spot for Nerf and Cartoon Network.



How far would you go, to keep what matters most?  SOL, Superlux’s sci-fi-themed, 48-hour Film Project debut, won best actor in the Atlanta competition, and was an official selection at 8 additional film festivals.

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Superlux is a one-stop creative resource, dedicated to the moving image. Our passion is crafting seductive visual stories that intimately connect viewers and brands. We optimize this content for every delivery channel on earth — from film and television to mobile, digital and environmental installations.

Who is Superlux?


Loren Fancher Falls

Principal & Executive Producer

Loren’s production expertise is greatly enhanced by her visual background as an art director and designer. This experience guides her in the creation of moving images of beauty and emotional resonance.

After completing her BA in Film Production at Georgia State University, Loren worked as a production manager with Turner Broadcasting Systems’ Film & Video Unit. Her previous experience as a magazine art director spanned publications in New York, Atlanta and Miami.


Mark Falls

Founder & Creative Director

Believing design is the world’s best hope, Mark enjoys applying it across the myriad moving parts that go into motion media – from scripting to art direction, to directing live action, animation and post production.

Prior to founding Superlux, Mark worked as creative director at AUX TV, the Atlanta outpost of New York’s National Recording Studios, and as creative director of Crawford Communications in Atlanta.


Eric Carros

Art Director

Eric’s award-winning work in motion design is informed by his love of architecture, industrial design and classic posters for films, concerts and recording artists. Among his greatest strengths is the ability to translate the rigor of these disciplines to motion.

Eric is proud of his Greek heritage, and considering that culture’s influence on science, philosophy and the arts (to say nothing of pastry) he’d be remiss to be otherwise. Eric is a graduate of the design program at Georgia State University.


Stephen DeLorme


Stephen is a designer, illustrator, developer and filmmaker, equally at home writing code, editing, drawing, animating, or producing and directing short films (Justice, trans_human, Zombie Killer).

His versatility and broad perspective are great assets on every project. Stephen is a 2012 graduate of the GSU design program.


Saif Khan


Saif (pronounced like sapphire) brings two distinct sensibilities to his motion design work: an intuitive feel for 3d modeling, and a delightful and inherent whimsy.

In addition to his solid chops editing content and animating graphics, Saif produces the bulk of our CG elements using, Cinema 4D, Plexus and After Effects. Saif is a 2012 graduate of the design program at GSU.

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